Requirements and Sound

All shown panoramas are optimized for desktop and handheld devices. To activate the panorama, please press the large play button. Each panorama has its very own sound experience. From stereo to three-dimensional. The best way to enjoy this is by wearing headphones and fullscreen mode. To enable the audio, please click the audio button on the control bar. At the bottom center of each panorama.

On handheld devices you can view the panoramas using the gyroscope function, if your browser is up to date. Safari, Chrome, and Firefox supports this rotating „spin“ option and display the icon at the top center.

Upper Lusatian Library Of Science – example of Filmbüro Görlitz Panotour

with an animated book – original sounds – impressions of adjoining rooms

Please visit the online scouting tool with more than fifty 360° locations. All 360° panoramas are highly detailed and include original ambient sounds to enhance the immersive experience.


Munot – Schaffhausen / Switzerland
Phaeno – scientific museum / Germany
Luther Kirche – Cologne / Germany
Nuraghe – ancient monument – Sardinia
Automotive Clay Studio – Germany
IBL – render visualization / HDRI – exposure range example

with a short video about good presets for Image Based lighting

Guitar Workshop Peter Wahl – Germany
Car Workshop Bezner – Germany